The firing of Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan grabs the spotlight in our last top comments of 2013, although an Erik Wemple post on Fox News drew the most-liked comment.

1. From Fox News PR: Anyone home? by Erik Wemple; mljr (36 likes) 

“It goes without saying that Fox News is not news at all but pure propaganda, geared to an audience of ignorant fools.” – Richard Dawkins

2. From Redskins fire Mike Shanahan after four years as coach [updated] by Mark Maske and Mike Jones; dc_david (16 likes)

Why do Washington fans keep giving Dan Snyder money? Nothing will change until FedEx Field is empty. Vote with your feet!

3. From Republicans growing more skeptical about evolution by Aaron Blake; lipschitzantwon (16 likes)

Are we to surmise that the average Republican has devolved over the last four years?

4. From I flew on a plane without going through security. It was amazing and no one died by Dylan Matthews; Mark Matson (12 likes)

The technique used in 9/11 was obsolete merely minutes after the first attack. The paradigm before 9/11 was for everyone to stay quiet during a hijacking as the crew would agree to whatever demands there were, such as flying to Cuba. Once safely on the ground, everyone would be released and/or rescued. This is how the crew was trained and how all the passengers were taught in popular media.

The paradigm changed so fast that Flight 93’s 40-minute delay was enough to prevent a fourth attack. [Read the full comment here.]

5. From The 10 worst moments of the Shanahan Era by Dan Steinberg; FergusonFoont (13 likes)

The Shanahan era is rife with bad decisions, all made by Mike Shanahan. Not Dan Snyder, Shanahan. Not RGIII, Shanahan. Not Bruce Allen, Shanahan. Well, some by Kyle, but he’s also a Shanahan.

It is from Shanahan that the “bad culture” arose, from Shanahan’s poisonous paranoia and his obsession with control. From the start he insisted on forcing square pegs into round holes, holes he dogmatically refused to adjust even when failure was obvious and adjustments would have been easy and painless. [Read the full comment here.]

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