Snow and Snowden  are the talk of Washington, as The New York Times calls for clemency for Edward Snowden and a major winter storm moves up the East Coast.

1. From The Three Stages of Obamacare Acceptance by Greg Sargent; YAPC  (35 likes)

Obamacare is a failure joins the other commandments of Republican Orthodoxy such as, cutting taxes raises revenues; Regulations stifle innovation and strangle the economy; Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by faux scientists to raise grant money; Low taxes on high incomes creates jobs; Capital gains and dividends are more special than labor and therefore deserve preferential tax treatment, etc. I could go on and on, but why bother?

2. From Snow and crashing temperatures tonight: the latest by Jason Samenow; eyeofthebeholder (22 likes)

Dear Arctic Customer Service Department:

I would like to cancel this shipment of bitter cold and Arctic winds, which is not what I ordered. I ordered SNOW, not wind chill, bitter cold, sleet, freezing rain, graupel or freezing fog. Please check your records and ship the 6-10 inches of snow that I ordered soonest.

Thank you,

Arlington County Snow Lover

Tie — 3. From New York Times: Give Snowden clemency by Aaron Blake; codexjust1 (12 likes)

The United States faces multiple security challenges, perhaps the least of which is that posed by terrorists. The spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, shifting alliances, global competition for sea lanes and natural resources and our competition with hegemonic nation states threaten not only our security, but also pose a direct threat of large scale war. Exposing the mechanisms by which our security agencies collect intelligence – and doing so in an indiscriminate and wholesale manner – is not just irresponsible; it poses a very real, very palpable threat to our survival.

There should be no pardon. There should be no clemency. [Read the full comment here]

Tie — 3. From Yes we have Snowden to thank for NSA surveillance debate by Greg Sargent; jnc4p (12 likes)

Typically whistleblowers attempt to remain anonymous. Snowden didn’t because (assuming you take his statements at face value) he didn’t want the information to be dismissed when the NSA denied it and also he didn’t want anyone else he worked with to be falsely suspected of being the leaker.

Coming forward and saying that yes he did it is sufficient to establish his credibility as a source for the information for me. It’s certainly head and shoulders above the mainstream media’s use of anonymous “senior administration officials” for the vast bulk of their stories on terrorism. [Read the full comment here.]

Tie — 3. From No clemency for Snowden’s self-importance by Jonathan Capehart; PlayByTheRules (12 likes)

The difference between treason and “whistle-blowing” is remarkably blurred for some people.

Snowden is no “whistle-blower.”