The polar vortex that is descending on the United States grabs the attention of our commenters. Unions and the U.S. education system also appear in the top five.

Extreme weather events are more likely to occur at a higher frequency due to climate change.

Water expands when heated. Oceans have risen eight inches since 1880. Glaciers have lost 80 percent of surface area over the 20th century. Industry and transportation are both man-made, climate forcing activities as is fire burning to clear for agricultural land.

Greenhouse gases make the Earth trap more heat. The concentrations of greenhouse gases are highest in 650,000 years.  [Read the full comment here.]

Women that are older, wiser and above all women, telling President Obama how it is with women’s rights! Whether is Sonia Sotomayor or an 80-year-old nun, the ignorant stubborn president always knows better. He is so out of touch.

This is exactly how I feel about my profession, these days, so much so that I nearly wept as I was reading. I ached with recognition, with empathy, and with relief. Someone gets it.

Unfortunately, neither this letter, nor the many thousands of similar letters, will change things. Only people can change things. Are you one of them? [Read the full comment here.]

I live in the part of the United States that used to be the world headquarters for Mack Trucks and Bethlehem Steel. And I was a young adult when those companies were thriving, with the unions having the best of everything, eight weeks vacation minimum, health benefits that paid for everything under the sun including braces for kids, jobs that were secure no matter how egregious the transgressions of employees, everything. Then the world stepped in, and American companies began to have to get more competitive in pricing with their products, but the unions never, ever would give an inch, destroying the companies that employed them, inch by inch, strike by strike, until those two great companies are simply memories in my town today. [Read the full comment.]

Little House on the Prairie weather about to commence. Anyone else remember reading the Long Winter?