The polar vortex remains a hot topic as cold temperatures overcome much of the country. Liz Cheney’s Senate bid and marijuana legalization also appear in our top five.

Serious health issues = her polling numbers were severely anemic.

I remember when righties said the site would never be fixed. Wrong.
I remember when they said no one would sign up. Wrong.
I remember when they said Romney would win. Wrong.
I remember when they said tax cuts pay for themselves. Wrong.
Now they have a brand new set of predictions…what are the odds those will pan out…lol

Nothing turns Republicans into hypocrites faster than a good drug legalization conversation. The concepts of individual liberty and personal responsibility go right out the window like the hollow talking points they are.

From a professional and active researcher on long-term (thousands to millions of years) climate change I want to thank you for presenting the clear and explicit truth about the difference between weather and climate; regional and global. It’s colder than normal here and now, but warmer than normal most other places.

Of course, sadly, logic and terabytes of accurate data will not stop those blinded by political bias from spewing ignorant rants.

In anticipation of tonight’s polar blast, I have already abandoned my ’97 Accord in the left lane of I-66 West, just after the Route 50 exit.