The polar vortex and climate change remain popular topics in the comments. The Washington Redskins — long called the offseason champions — continue to generate the most-liked comments when the team isn’t playing games.

I earned a Ph.D. in atmospheric science many years ago. I have met many atmospheric scientists who derive no benefit from government grants because they work in private industry. I have never met even a single scientist who denies that global warming is occuring and that human activity is the cause.

Still waiting to see that alternative healthcare plan the Republicans promised to roll out when they were shutting down the [government].

The argument that Democrats failed because there are still poor people is analogous to arguing that doctors have all failed because there are still sick people. It is LUDICROUS.

When you hire Mike Shanahan, you hire a guy who is willing to make a trade for a QB. When he trades for a QB, you’ll see that QB play, no matter how hurt is. No matter how hurt he is, he can get hurt even more and need surgery. No matter how well that surgery goes, it can take a long time to recover. And while he is recovering, the team will go 3-13. And when the team goes 3-13, you get a polar vortex.

Don’t get a polar vortex, don’t hire Mike Shanahan.

5. From What is a polar vortex, and why is it here? by Bonnie Berkowitz, Richard Johnson, Katie Park and Gene Thorp; greenlatern (9 likes)

Extrapolating a long-term weather trend from a few days of weather is like saying the Redskins must be having a great season because they won that week.