Audi introduced its Sport Quattro Laserlight concept car in a keynote address Monday at the 2014 Consumer Electronics show.

Ulrich Hackenberg, who is on the German automaker’s board of management for technical development, called the concept car a “glimpse in the future” and showed off a number of its features.

“This car combines a powerful 110kW electric motor with a V8 engine. Together, they perform at 550kw equivalent to 700 horsepower,” Hackenberg said. “In one body, you have a muscle car and a very efficient plug-in hybrid.”

Made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber, the concept car can travel up to 90 miles on a single gallon of gas, according to Hackenberg. The Laserlight’s computer system, called zFAS, is packed with features, including a pilot-driving mode, long- and mid-range radars, video cameras and a navigation system.

But the most noticeable thing about the car, aside from its sleek silhouette and fancy gadgets, is its headlights.

“Its eyes combine LED headlamps with bright laser light,” Hackenberg said.

The headlamps, according to Hackenberg, are safer, more efficient and three times stronger than LED bulbs, streaming light to distances up to five football fields away.

Hackenberg said fans can catch a glimpse of the new headlamp technology in Audi’s 2014 R18 e-tron Quattro LeMans race car, which will debut later this year.