Chris Christie and the hiring of Redskins Coach Jay Gruden dominate the conversation. One commenter in our top five even found a way to connect the two.

1. From Chris Christie stares into political abyss by Greg Sargent; Dan999 (32 likes)

You don’t get revenge for your boss without telling him you got revenge for him. You really don’t.

2. From Chris Christie did everything right today. But Bridge-gate is still a very real problem for him by Chris Cillizza; War4Sale (21 likes)

What about all the thousands of people who were affected by this act of partisan revenge?! He barely even acknowledged them. That’s what makes it totally believable that he could have authorized something like this. The victims don’t really matter. All that matters is Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions. [Read the full comment here.]

3. From We learned a lot about Christie in Bridgegate by Richard Cohen; MinnyMa (15 likes)

When GOP politicians decry “big government” and all the problems it creates, it turns out that they are the primary offenders. Gov. Christie has belittled teachers who have more education and earn substantially less than Bridget Anne Kelly. …

The problem is not “government.” It is the people who use government for their own personal aggrandizement all the while denouncing public employees who actually do work for the people. [Read the full comment here.]

4. From Jay Gruden to become Redskins coach, agrees to five-year deal by Mark Maske and Mike Jones; lf12 (8 likes)

Best line of the morning sports shows:

The Redskins run a reverse car wash, you come in clean and leave dirty.

5. From London Fletcher on Redskins hiring Jay Gruden by Missy Rosenberg; mista_is_moe (7 likes)

Hopefully, they hire Chris Christie to coach the offensive line.

Any guy who can successfully block traffic in New Jersey deserves the chance to teach blocking in the NFC East.

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