Politics and Chris Christie remain the dominant themes, aside from commentary on the state of the NHL’s Washington Capitals.

Republicans were once the party of Lincoln now, they’re the party of Rush Limbaugh.

Anyone else see a problem here ?

What Christie lost was his ability to be a verbal bully. The rock is turned over …. and interesting questions are being asked … being investigated.

What did Christie decide to “not know” and when did he not “know it” … in his news conference — he waffled over having one — then two sleepless nights…. liars need good memories. [Read the full comment here.]

Yeah, he’s not a chicken hawk. Lacks passion for war, prefers to think things through, manages to get a recalcitrant congress to push for health care reform, manages to steer the economy away from the passionate chaos of his predecessors. Hmmmm, what’s wrong with that? [Read the full comment here.]

George Carlin: They want your retirement money. They want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street, and you know something? They’ll get it.

Gee, I wonder which party he was talking about? [Read the full comment here.]

This team right now has almost $10M tied up under the cap in totally unproductive players, Brooks Laich and Martin Erat.

That’s equivalent to another Backstrom plus a defenseman.  The mismanagement of the cap and the talent by the front office is the real story. [Read the full comment here.]