This week comments continue to receive few likes. We haven’t broken 20 likes on any one comment yet this week, but do find a blend of comments relating to politics, the environment and sports.

1. From Federal judge rules Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional by Juliet Eilperin; Fate1 (15 likes)

There’s that inconvenient Constitution again messing up the right wing’s push for restricting freedom and equality.

2. From Obamacare flops with the young by Jennifer Rubin; Rose 4 (13 likes)

Democrats are working hard to make Obamacare work, which will improve the lives of millions of Americans.

Republicans are working to make Obamacare fail, thus proving there is no point in trying to fix serious problems.

Which, pray tell, is the winning position?

3. From Morning Plum: Obamacare derangement fades among Republicans (a bit) by Greg Sargent; GabsDad (12 likes)

Watch the news. The end of formal opposition will come when the first Republican refers to “Obamacare” as the ACA. It will be something like; “I stand firmly against the ACA and will continue to work towards its repeal.” That is the moment of surrender. It won’t be long now.

4. From Maryland alleges ACC violated its own rules over exit fee, tried to lure Big Ten schools away by Alex Prewitt; al_kohaulic (11 likes)

To me the hypocrisy of the ACC is that it steals schools from other conferences (Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Louisville) and acts like a jealous scorned pyscho ex-girlfriend if a school tries to leave. Even scheduling the ACC tournament in DC the year after Maryland leaves. I don’t think Maryland will win any lawsuit in a North Carolina court. But I’m rooting for them to pull out a legal victory and not pay any fees.

5. From Almost toxic, West Virginia by Joel Achenbach; Jumper (9 likes)

Some people aren’t sure who exactly owns the river, but they know the answer can’t be “everybody” because of Communism.

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