Politics remains the dominant thread of discussion in our comments.

You know I used to think it would be 2020 or 2025 before we’d see nationwide marriage equality. I am pretty confident that was WAY off now and that we’ll see total equality by 2016, 2015, or even perhaps this year.

It’s about time!

Good heavens, people. We don’t want Jon Stewart for president. We need him to stay where he is doing want he does which is actually providing us with a sense of the ridiculous filter. Really.

Americans for prosperity…what a joke.

More like Koch bros. for the prosperity of Koch bros.

Remember Ike’s warning, “beware of the mighty military industrial complex?”  When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?

I’m generally sympathetic to the argument that consumers should be free to choose how they spend their money, even if it’s stupid. But in addition to being really stupid that people want the freedom to throw money away, incandescent bulbs also happen to create externalities for the world from the associated pollution of power production.

In other words, if it weren’t for the problems stemming from fossil fuels, I’d be happy to see people stupidly throw money away because they fail at doing simple total cost of ownership math. But since air quality and climate are affected, we should have standards.