Chris Christie remains a prominent topic and two sports comments break into Friday’s top five.

To hear Brit Hume describe it, masculinity must be more fragile than an ancient artifact, and that men everyone are surrounded by diabolical forces waiting to castrate them.

Poor Hume. He needs to understand that being a man is who you are, not what you do. [Read the full comment here.]

I grew up cheering for the Redskins also and I don’t understand the big deal. It’s just a name. Teams change their names all the time. The name may not have been considered offensive when the team was founded but it clearly is now. Change it already. It’s just a name for Pete’s sake.

The media may not get him, but the special prosecutor might.

Tie — 3. From Gillespie launches U.S. Senate bid in Virginia by Ben Pershing and Aaron Blake; Gunga2009 (13 likes)

Yup, nothing has more appeal to the Tea Partiers than a former RNC chairman, who used to lobby for Enron.

Breaking news: I have traded my 2nd-round comment to JkR for an allocation comment.