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Two oddballs abuse Toshiba products, hilarity ensues

These guys… (Toshiba)

Meet Matt and Jamie. The comedic duo, featuring a mustache that would make Ron Swanson proud and the awkwardness of Dwight Schrute, are out to torture Toshiba products. They release occasional silly videos where the work of Toshiba “product dorks,” “pencil-pushers” and “hotshots” is tested.

While technically Toshiba advertisements, the videos have captured some of the Old Spice advertising magic. The ads are entertaining, and the type of thing viewers and potential customers might share. Here are a few of their challenges. You can see the full slate of their work over at YouTube.

1. Freezing a tablet in an ice sculpture.

2. Bringing a laptop to a car wash.

3. Putting a laptop in a paint shaker.

4. Turning a tablet into a discus.

5. Tennis ball-on-laptop crime.

6. Laptop vs. giant truck.

7. Last but not least, a TV in a steam room.