A man points at REEM-C from PAL Robotics. (Jean-Philippe Ksiazek/AFP/Getty Images)

Odds are you haven’t been able to make the trek to Lyon, France, for Innorobo, a trade show on service robots. As a consolation prize, I offer you a roundup of some images from the event. And keep saving — maybe one day you’ll be able to buy your own Rosie.

Here’s a humanoid robot from the Italian Institute of Technology. It has 53 motors that control its head, arms, hands, legs and waist. (Robert Pratta/Reuters)

A robot draws a picture. (Jean-Philippe Ksiazek/AFP/Getty Images)

Adjustments are made to a robot. (Jean-Philippe Ksiazek/AFP/Getty Images)

The Nao robot plays golf during Innorobo. (Laurent Cipriani/AP)

A robot from France Robotique is displayed during the Innorobo 2014 fair in Lyon, France. (Robert Pratta/Reuters)

A robot from Pal Robotics is the center of attention during the Innorobo 2014 fair. (Robert Pratta/Reuters)

The REEM-C weighs 176 pounds and is 5 foot 5 inches tall. (Robert Pratta/Reuters)

Romeo from Aldebaran Robotics is shown. Note a chiller version of Romeo lounging in the background with sunglasses on. (Robert Pratta/Reuters)

A robot from CRIIF is displayed. (Robert Pratta/Reuters)

A visitor tests an exoskeleton from CEA during the Innorobo 2014 fair.  (Robert Pratta/Reuters)

A man tests out Hercules V3, an exoskeleton from RB3D. (Jean-Philippe Ksiazek/AFP/Getty Images)

The Nao robot is photographed by visitors during Innorobo​.