(Michel du Cille/The Washington Post)

Steve Case, AOL co-founder and chief executive of Revolution, answered questions in an insightful AMA on Reddit Tuesday. One highlight — he shared that Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told him he learned to program by hacking AOL Instant Messenger. “Thankfully, rather than focusing on [bringing] AOL down, he shifted to build Facebook up!” Case said.

Perhaps the best moment was Case’s explanation of the one thing he’d change online:

If I had to pick one thing I’d try to change is to encourage people to listen to multiple voices. The promise of the Internet was leveling the playing field so all voices can be heard. That has happened — but too often people live in their own echo chambers and are listening to views that reinforce their own views. We’d have a healthier society if people paid more attention to opposing views. Sometimes the answer is somewhere in the middle. And we certainly need more of that in Washington, D.C. Less talking, more listening. Less extremism, more common ground. That’s what democracy is about. Not my way or your way but our way.

It’s a great point. What one thing would you change about the Internet?