Katayama Kogyo president Masayuki Katayama shows off perhaps the most expensive tricycle you’ll ever see. (Yoshikazu Tsunoyoshikazu/AFP/Getty Images)

A Japanese auto parts maker has unveiled what it calls a “Walking Bicycle.” This is a curious title, given that the device has three wheels. “Standing Adult Tricycle,” would seem more fitting. The new contraption is powered by an electric motor and maxes out at 15 mph. A rider can step on its pedals to add power. At $3,000, its natural competitor might be the Segway.

For urban commuters, a traditional bicycle will likely continue to make more sense. Although for those who’d rather not drive and want to avoid sweating while riding a bike, the “Walking Bicycle” might be appealing. It’ll go on sale in July.

The Walking Bicycle is shown at an event in Toyko Wednesday. (Yoshikazu Tsunoyoshikazu/AFP/Getty Images)

Here at Innovations we object on principle to anything with three wheels being called a bicycle. (Yoshikazu Tsunoyoshikazu/AFP/Getty Images)