May the Fourth be with you keeps getting bigger. If the trend continues — based off these Google searches — it could be as big as Festivus in 2026.

For those who aren’t familiar with the “holiday,” my predecessor Emi wrote a fine piece on it back in 2012:

The day is not, for example, the anniversary of the first Star Wars film, originally released as “Star Wars,” and later given the title “Episode IV: A New Hope.” (Thanks, commenter “razellezar”!) That film’s release date was May 25, 1977. The Los Angeles City Council declared that day to be the official Star Wars Day, but fans aren’t having it. After all, “May the twenty-fifth be with you” is just, well, silly. Besides, some Star Wars fans may have other plans, since May 25 has also been dubbed “Geek Pride Day” and “Towel Day.”

Between May Day, May the Fourth be with you and Cinco de Mayo, we’re running out of vacant days in early May to celebrate.