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The company that’s determined to make prosthetics hip and stylish

Lacey Henderson shows off her prosthetic. (UNYQ)

Eythor Bender wants prosthetic limbs to express the wearer’s personality. So he’s launched UNYQ, which lets customers design their own prosthetic.

“First it’s about mobility, but once you can walk, you care about how does this thing look. If it still looks like a stick it’s not satisfying,” Bender said.

UNYQ offers a blend of stylish models with a unique appearance and contours. With a handful of measurements and four photos of a customer’s existing limb, UNYQ can 3D-print a prosthetic that mirrors the remaining limb with 98 percent accuracy, according to Bender.

“We are about restoring the body shape and the symmetry and aligning to your body as much as possible,” Bender said. He noticed how stylish and trendy eyeglasses have become, and knew that energy could be brought to prosthetics.

For customers who have lost both legs, UNYQ offers several existing models.

Bender’s currently selling in the United States and Europe, where select customers have already been testing out the prosthetics. Most cost about $1,000, but designing your own limb is $2,000.