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In case you’ve been under a rock or just focusing on things that actually matter, the app Yo has taken off in the past week. The simple app lets users send a “Yo” as a push notification to their contacts. That’s the entire app. There is nothing else.

The simplicity and absurdity have helped rocket it to popularity (1 million users?!). That’s led to hundreds of silly reviews in Apple’s App Store, where Yo is raved about as everything from a cure for cancer to mankind’s greatest creation. We probably haven’t seen such an outpouring of mock enthusiasm since the infamous three-wolf T-shirt. Here’s a sampling of those five-star reviews for Yo:

“The phrase ‘world-changing genius and perfection’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but here’s a case where the term is clearly an understatement.” — Wordophile

“The feelings I have for this app are indescribable. Is this love? Fascination? An obsession?” — Jamiejsnpo

“The printing press. The car. The plane. Yo. This app will go down in history as the greatest innovation of the 21st century.” — LinkOrlando

“It’s gotten to the point where I exclusively communicate with the outside world via this app. Yo has torn apart every fabric of my being and rebuilt my life from the ground up; I am twice the man I was and living the dream.” —  John C Mayer

“You bet I’ll deactivate my [Facebook], Twitter, Snapchat, email and credit cards for this app. Because it does it all.” — CC234

“Speaking is now unnecessary and obsolete- Yo is all I’ll ever need.” — Yo.guys

“Yo is much more than just an app. It is a flower blossoming in the peak of springtime.” — Bobo90719

“Finally we can all eliminate that outdated thing called language!” — californiacoast

“This app has changed my life. Before I downloaded Yo, my dog and I could not carry out conversations. There was a complete language barrier where neither of us could comprehend each other in the slightest. Since downloading Yo, Petey and I talk all day and night.” — Hussgert2

“Yo has made it possible to finally communicate with dolphins. All you have to do is Yo them…. Now my best friend just got married to a 9-year-old male dolphin because of Yo. They are very happy together.” — Smash hit lover

“We no longer need intellectual discussion. We no longer need language. This is the next stage of human evolution.” — Adam9812

“I’m starting to see unicorns in my dreams…. This is an app of a lifetime.” — jerlammy

“wow such fun very life change” – -Pookie 513

“Yo gives people an outlet for their goodness to be spread unto the world.” — Fchhfkhdenbvuh

“The best thing about this app is the fake reviews.” — Ricky Brito

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