A giant crocodile robot rides on top of a van. (Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

Welcome back from your long holiday weekend. Do anything cool with your time off? Just barbecue and watch fireworks? Solid.

We ask because in the Philippines, some workers transported a giant crocodile robot through the streets of Manila. NBD.

The giant robo-croc, which is the newest attraction at Crocodile Park Manila, “is made of rubber and fiberglass covering its steel frame and a pedaled internal mechanism to crawl, bite and move its head,” according to Solar News.

Here are photos of the giant crocodile robot in transit, because pics or it didn’t happen:

Here’s a guy riding a giant crocodile robot. (Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

YUP. (Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

Transporting this giant crocodile robot seems extremely challenging! (Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

Workers drag the giant crocodile robot with ropes after it has been unloaded. (Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

The vital giant crocodile robot stats, according to Reuters:

  • 21 feet (length of the giant crocodile robot)
  • Three months (time it took experts to build the giant crocodile robot)
  • About $1,818 (surprisingly low cost of the giant crocodile robot)

The man-made beast is named “Longlong,” after Lolong, a real creature from the Philippines that was once declared the largest crocodile in captivity by the Guinness Book of World Records. Lolong died in 2013.

The giant crocodile robot joins the giant giraffe robot in the “Giant, News-Making Robots of 2014″ category (non-Michael Bay division). You know what that means: One more giant robotic animal, and we officially have a hot summer trend.