The burgeoning cricket scene received a boost Tuesday when Exo, a maker of cricket-based energy bars, announced it had received $1.2 million in seed funding.

Co-founders Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz, who began eating crickets as Brown undergraduates, will use the funds to further their goal of normalizing the consumption of insect protein. For now, they’ll focus on expanding the reach of their protein bars through online sales, and educating consumers about benefits of eating crickets.

“We definitely have plans to come out with other products longer term and we definitely want to grow the company into obviously being more than just a protein bar company,” Sewitz said. “Eventually we’ll do probably a protein powder and release a powder on its own. Maybe we’ll make protein shakes. Maybe we’ll make a flour blend.”

Exo’s first-ever production run was 50,000 bars earlier this year, and they plan to ramp up to hundreds of thousands.

Exo’s staff includes Kyle Connaughton, the former head of research and development at The Fat Duck, a highly regarded restaurant in Britain. Connaughton leads Exo’s product research and development, where he’s working on new flavors of the bars.

“When you frame it, just another energy bar, of course it sounds a little strange for one of the world’s best chefs to just quit his job and start hawking energy bars. But when you frame it as this entirely new food source, which is really untapped, and is more sustainable and nutritious than the vast majority of what we eat, then it suddenly sounds far more exciting,” Lewis said.

Exo’s investors include Collaborative Fund, Start Garden and Tim Ferriss.