Car2Go, the car-sharing service that’s proved popular in urban areas, announced Thursday that it will begin service in Brooklyn on Oct. 25.

“Most of the public transportation is based on moving the community into Manhattan and not really into different Brooklyn neighborhoods,” said Thomas McNeil, Car2Go’s location manager for Brooklyn. “People are moving farther away, Brooklyn is more popular. They’re going to be able to get into communities they weren’t able to access before.”

Members of the service will be able to make one-way trips in roughly 37 percent of Brooklyn, including popular neighborhoods Williamsburg and Park Slope. Its standard rate of 41 cent a minute plus tax will apply.

Members won’t be able to park at metered parking spots in Brooklyn, as is the norm in other locations Car2Go operates. Car2Go is securing off-street parking in lots and garages in areas where meters are prevalent. The Daimler AG-owned company is still negotiating with the borough on expanding parking options to include metered spaces.

Car2Go launched in North America in Austin in 2010. It has since grown to 15 U.S. and Canadian cities, and has roughly 6,000 vehicles on those roads. Members take nearly 25,000 trips each day in North America.

The news is the latest example of the sharing economy making inroads in America’s most-populous city, which opened a bike-sharing service in 2013.