From Amsterdam to Bangkok, Casablanca, Sydney and Warsaw, Uber’s job postings read like an atlas glossary. It’s a reminder of the ride-sharing service’s huge ambitions, and what you can do with $258 million from investors.

The job listings themselves offer a window into the five-year-old company’s manic push for world domination. Uber is looking for traits such as the “fear tolerance of a honey-badger,” a “*get [bleep] done* attitude,” “Ridiculously detail-oriented. Surgeons come to you for tips,” and “an almost unstoppable driving ambition.” A general manger in New Delphi must “continue to grow REVENUES AND RIDERSHIP!!!” And if you want to work in Amman, Jordan, your responsibilities include, “tame upset riders and turn them into passionate evangelists.”

There does appear to be some room for fun. Work in Copenhagen and it’s helpful to be “accomplished in foosball,” the listing says with a wink.