Augmented reality is an emerging technology with lots of exciting potential. There is this bus stop that Pepsi did. Or games such as Sphero. With augmented reality it might appear like you’re petting a cheetah when you’re really just waving your hand in the air.

Lots of the current examples of augmented reality already have that wow factor, and the field is just beginning. So we should see even more impressive creations. At the same time, there will be missteps.

Japanese company Mediaturge showed off some augmented reality technology at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo Thursday. Mediaturge calls these “animals selfies.” When I think of animal selfies I envision that tremendous self-portrait a crested black macaque took with a photographer’s camera. Or any of the great images from this Animal Selfies Tumblr.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m going to take a pass on morphing myself into a zebra-human hybrid. Anyone else?