Car2go continues to grow. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The car-sharing service Car2go announced Wednesday that it has reached one million members, a milestone as the sharing economy continues to grow.

Car2go only arrived on the scene in 2009, nine years after competitor Zipcar, but has since surpassed the platform’s roughly 850,000 members. Consumers have been drawn to the flexible nature of Car2go’s service, where cars can be picked up and dropped off on city streets, instead of in designated spots. Members can take one-way trips instead of having to return their vehicle to where they begin. Earlier this year Zipcar launched a similar service with one-way trips.

Car2go now operates in 60 cities across eight countries. Its members have driven 136.7 million miles during more than 32 million trips. Most trips range from 19 to 25 minutes.

“We’re really proud,” said Paul DeLong, chief marketing officer for Car2go North America, who joined the company when it launched in the United States. “We are facilitating a need out there that people want flexibility and convenience when it comes to transportation.” According to its latest membership survey, 72 percent of Car2go drivers aren’t members of another car-sharing service.

DeLong says the company will continue to look for ways to innovate and expands its services to make car sharing more appealing to even more drivers.

In November Car2go simplified its service by allowing users to start trips with their smartphone. Previously members had to carry a membership card and swipe a dashboard sensor to initiate and end trips.

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