The project, dubbed Rainbow Station, was timed to coincide with the train station’s 125th anniversary. (Studio Roosegaarde)

Daan Roosegaarde has done it again. The Dutch artist behind the Van Gogh bike path and glowing highway unveiled what he’s calling Rainbow Station in Amsterdam on Thursday.

For five to 10 minutes after sunset, a rainbow appears on Amsterdam Central Station. The time is kept especially short to mirror the nature of real rainbows. The project uses a lens projector that Roosegaarde developed with astronomers from the University of Leiden. The massive rainbow spans the 45-meter wide roof.

The art project will be visible for a year. You can see more images and a video below:

For a few minutes after the sun sets, a rainbow appears on the station. (Studio Roosegaarde)

Roosegaarde unveiled the project Thursday. It will run for a year. (Studio Roosegaarde)

Here’s a view from inside the train station. (Studio Roosegaarde)

The rainbow appears on the East side of platform 2B. (Studio Roosegaarde)

Roosegaarde’s projects use light in creative ways. (Studio Roosegaarde)