The Weekly What?

So we’re going to try something new here. Since I started running this blog just over a year ago I found I encountered a lot of great stuff that I never shared with readers. I’m going to start herding these leftovers into a blog post bursting with links, photos, videos and more. It’ll land every Friday afternoon.

I hope you’ll delve into it sometime during your weekend. We’re calling it The Weekly Itch for now. Itch being an acronym for innovation, technology, creativity and humor, all things I love. If you want to nominate something, or have thoughts on making this a better feature, please drop me an email!

I’ll be off most of next week, but TWI will be a regular feature in 2015.

Cool tech of the week

This is easy, Skype’s translator. Right now it’s limited to Spanish and the software is likely far from perfect, but it’s an exciting step forward for improving communications. Imaging being able to easily communicate with every person on the planet.

A graphic not to miss

The top Web sites each December since 1996 (Geocities nostalgia anyone? No?) [related story]

Friday’s photo

What the….

Can a blimp protect us from wayward drones? (Here’s a look at research in Maryland to keep an eye on the drones that will increasingly fill our skies. )

Videos to watch

1. A dog with 3D printed limbs

2. A roundup of amazing videos taken during 2014 (not recommend who for those who are afraid of heights)

3. What a self-driving car’s sensors see (related story from Wired)

Keep your friends close and ….

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