We’ll start with a quick backstory for those who aren’t up on the above joke. Monday Boston Dynamics — which Google acquired during its infamous robot shopping spree of 2013 — released a video of its latest creation. That would be Spot, a 160-pound electric robot with an uncanny ability to balance. Boston Dynamics demonstrated this in its viral video with a serious of painful looking kicks

Spot is of course a cliched dog name, and Spot very vaguely resembles an animal (provided it was made of LIDAR sensors and electric cables).

That’s been enough for many to feel sorry for the robot. Case in point, asinine headlines such as “Google wants you to kick this dog, is it inhumane?” “Is it time to start a robotic PETA?” asked one Redditor

The best quip on the subject comes from the YouTube account of Ruslan God, which posted the video above, “When you’re a dog-robot and nobody likes you.” Make sure to listen with sound.

It’s essentially a supercut of Boston Dynamics robots wandering the streets and getting kicked over the years, set to sad music. If you’re curious why these robots get kicked, the thinking is to use them for tasks such as disaster relief. That terrain won’t be forgiving, so the robots need to have great balance.

I’ve included below the original Spot video, plus a bunch of up-close photos for anyone seeking confirmation that we aren’t dealing with a real dog here.