Computers are better than us at chess, “Jeopardy” and now plenty of Atari games, following Google’s breakthrough in artificial intelligence. But there are still a few games were Google’s impressive new algorithm is largely clueless. Of the 49 games it attempted, here are the five it struggled with the most:

5. Asteroids (1979): Google’s professional human game testers did 93 percent better than the algorithm.

4. Frostbite (1983): To win this game you jump on ice blocks to help build igloos, which the algorithm couldn’t master. The human testers did 94 percent better than Google’s algorithm.

3.Gravitar (1982): Human testers were 95 percent better.

2. Private eye (1983): Google’s humans were 98 percent better at this than the algorithm.

1. Montezuma’s Revenge (1984): Google’s algorithm couldn’t even score a single point, making the game its very worst performance of 49 games it tried.

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