Three college kids in Chile captivated the Internet last August when they released a video of an “unstealable” bike. The video showed off the prototype of a bicycle in which the frame transformed into a locking mechanism. A thief would have to cut through the frame to take it, making it not worth the trouble to steal.

After receiving millions of views on YouTube and nearly 10,000 e-mails, the trio — Andrés Roi Eggers, Cristobal Cabello and Juan José Monsalve — decided to drop out of their engineering program at Adolfo Ibanez University in Santiago and dedicate themselves full time to what they call the Yerka Project.

Their Indiegogo campaign will launch Wednesday, and the finalized bicycle will be sold for $399.

The bicycle unlocks with a key, but there will be an option to buy a Bluetooth-powered feature so cyclists can unlock the bike with their smartphone. Both iOS and Android will be supported.

They tell me the first batch of bikes is expected to ship in September and should be arriving to owners in early October.