Hey all, my friends in our events department are putting together an interesting gathering in which some top executives will discuss pressing issues in business. Here are more details from them:

Next week at George Washington University, the Post is bringing together five of the nation’s top chief executives to discuss the challenges and opportunities for global businesses today including how corporations are adapting to and leveraging digital economies, navigating their companies through uncertain markets and promoting diversity and collaboration within their organizations.

HBO’s new online streaming service is described as the first shot in a war between the cable giant and Netflix and as the end of cable TV as we know it. But HBO chief executive Richard Plepler, who will be speaking at next Friday’s event at George Washington University, argues that the transformation of cable networks won’t happen in a binary world with two players or two options. He’s cutting deals with Apple, Amazon, Vice and other content providers and platforms, and will talk about how these partnerships are redefining the television industry.

Eric Spiegel, who leads Siemens here in the United States and John Veihmeyer, the chief executive of KPMG-US, will discuss what it will take for both companies and their workers to thrive in the digital economy — from critical infrastructure upgrades and skills training to reforming industrial-era policies and protecting their networks from cyber attacks. Shared economies raise thorny issues for corporations — intellectual properties are their greatest assets. Spiegel and Veihmeyer will weigh in on how companies that share nearly everything can own anything.

Johnson Publishing Company chief executive and former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers and James Murren, chief executive of MGM Resorts, will talk about their organizations’ efforts to promote diversity internally and through investment. A recent McKinsey report found that for every 10 percent increase in racial and ethnic diversity on the senior executive team, earnings rise.  Yet African Americans and Latinos are woefully under-represented in U.S. boardrooms, vendor negotiations and entrepreneurial investment. Rogers has been a vocal proponent of corporate and social investment in diversity and MGM has received wide recognition for their corporate diversity initiatives.

Hear from them in person next week.  Register to attend or you can watch the livestream.