Mary Meeker, a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, released her annual report on Internet trends Wednesday. All 197 slides are worth your time. But here are a few of the most noteworthy points:

1. We spend a massive amount of money getting from point A to B

There’s plenty of concern over the rising costs of health care and education. This slide from Meeker shows how households are spending more on the areas. But while there’s plenty of uproar over those costs, what about the huge amount of money we spend on transportation? The average U.S. household spends almost twice as much on transportation as health care and education combined. A car is generally one of the most expensive possessions an American owns, but it sits idle the overwhelming amount of the time. This seems to be a reminder of the potential ride services such as Uber, Lyft, car2go, GetAround, RelayRides and ZipCar have to better serve consumers.

2. U.S. adults spend about a third of their waking hours with digital devices

In the past seven years, the amount of time U.S. adults spend with digital media has more than doubled, to 5.6 hours. This is being driven by the time we’re spending with mobile devices.

3. Vertical viewing is on the rise

We’ve written in the past how apps are increasingly embracing the vertical format. Meeker says that 29 percent of view time on screens is vertical in 2015, up from only 5 percent in 2010.

4. Meeker ranks countries on their drone regulations

Meeker puts France and Britain in a tie for first given the option to fly commercial drones outside of an operator’s line of sight. (This is a crucial rule for drone delivery and other services to become a reality.) Canada, with its tiered rules that include fewer restrictions on small, lightweight drones, is No. 2. Australia, Japan, the United States and China take spots three through six, respectively.

5. Alibaba’s remarkable growth

Notice the rapid ascent of the red line. The Chinese e-commerce giant is now the third largest public Internet company by market capitalization, behind only Apple and Google.

6. Mobile Internet traffic is dominant in India

Nigeria is the only country with a higher percentage of total Internet traffic happening on digital devices. In the United States, mobile accounts for only 22 percent of total Internet traffic.