Like many of the teams, Team TARTAN is full of dudes. ( Sun L. Vega/DARPA)

The tech world deservedly catches some flak for its lack of gender diversity.

For example, only 30 percent of Google’s employees are women. At Facebook 31 percent are women. The number are more skewed in technical roles.

As lopsided as those numbers are, they pale in comparison to the gender breakdown at the finals of this year’s DARPA Robotics Challenge, which takes place Friday and Saturday in Pomona, Calif. Eleven of the 24 teams competing are made up completely of men. Of the 444 individuals on the teams, only 23 are women. An alarming 94.8 percent of the participants are men.

The robots are designed for humanitarian purposes, but officials admit that they could be used one day as soldiers. You can learn more about the robots competing here, and watch a live stream of the event too. Just don’t count on seeing much gender diversity.

(Google Sheets)

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Team Nedo-Jsk from the University of Tokyo includes 43 men and zero women. (Sun L. Vega/DARPA)