It’s not technically summer yet, but, hey, this is June, so it’s barbecue season! Everybody’s doing it. Hamburgers, hot dogs, the usual. Google Ventures, the investment arm of the search giant, got in on the fun Tuesday night. Of course this is Google, so there was some bleeding-edge technology on display.

Remember Spot, the robot that looks vaguely like a dog? We first met him in February when he was trotting around parking lots and drawing sympathy for absorbing vicious kicks.

Well, tech moves quickly, so Spot had some new material. He hopped around on two of his legs while maintaining balance. The robot has a long way to go before he’d stand a chance on “America’s Got Talent,” but progress is progress. Spot also did something weird that looked vaguely like stretching, in which he leaned back on his hind legs. Check it out below.

(h/t Mashable)