Kinsa is accepting pre-orders on Indiegogo for its second medical device, a smart ear thermometer. Sure, there are a lot of thermometers on the market. What’s compelling about Kinsa’s new thermometer is that it signals an emerging era of connected medical devices that reduce friction in our health-care system, and efficiently get important information to a caregiver.

“Thermometer products in the home don’t really answer the questions you care about today,” said Inder Singh, the founder of Kinsa Health. “What you really care about is not whether it’s 102 vs. 102.5, what you really care about is what do I do to get better, how do I respond.”

After taking a temperature, which Kinsa says takes a second with the thermometer, it communicates that information to its smartphone app. The app looks at the temperature, the age of the patient and selects from 14 pieces of guidance, which are based on first triage protocols and widely cited medical knowledge.

“We have culled the major medical Web sites, whether that’s WebMD, Mayo Clinic, Harvard, etc. and we’re referencing all of those Web sites and linkages and advice,” Singh said.

Its full retail price will be $59.99, but early supporters on Indiegogo can get it for half that amount. It’s designed for the U.S. and European markets.

The thermometer will have the same features as Kinsa’s stick thermometer, including the ability to track temperature and symptoms over time on the app. It will be shipping sometime this fall.