Nissan showed off a new concept car Tuesday at the Tokyo Motor Show that it says embodies its vision for the future of electric and autonomous vehicles.

There are some interesting wrinkles, including a way to alert pedestrians or cyclists of its intentions. An outward-facing display, located just inside the windshield, tells pedestrians when the car is about to stop, or wants someone to cross in front of it. As autonomous technology becomes more popular, the capability might make pedestrians and cyclists more comfortable in interacting with a machine on the roads.

The video also shows how Nissan envisions the emerging role of human drivers inside the vehicle — they won’t always need to be behind the wheel. Here a driver pushes a button and the steering wheel slickly emerges or recedes into the dashboard.

The vehicle could also be summoned on a smartphone from a garage to meet the driver, and greet him or her by name.

Also, it can take embarrassing photos of your significant other:

Of course, this is just a concept. Don’t expect to see it on the road soon. But it’s a interesting window into Nissan’s vision. You can check out the complete video below: