Tuesday DJI, the world’s largest drone maker, released a video showing its Phantom X Concept. The drone follows things, avoids obstacles and can sync with other drones to offer multiple camera angles. Some say we’re living in the golden age of personal story-telling. This is a good example of how creators have more options to look forward to. Here are five interesting features DJI highlights:

1. Skypaint — control drones with your hands

Gloves with sensors on them make it possible to easily direct two drones at once.

2. Multiple drones following and filming you

“It gives you the ability to use your watch or tablet to sync up multiple drones,” says Dana Brunetti, executive producer of House of Cards, on the video. “If we’re tracking a mountain biker they could have a drone and all four will give us angles and shots that we could’ve never gotten before.”

3. Approve people to follow you via your watch

Drones that can track us bring both potentially good and bad outcomes. DJI shows a feature where a person who wants to be followed for video purposes can grant permission via an iPhone app.

4. Toss drones to launch them

5. Track multiple drones from a tablet

The app shows real-time footage of what the drones are seeing.

You can watch the entire video below: