Drones have emerged in recent years as one of the hottest modern technologies. They’re used for purposes as varied as monitoring crop health and tracking construction projects, endangered animals and missing persons.

But despite being on the cutting edge in 2016, they’re no match for a technology that’s 400,000 years old.

A reenactor at Rusborg in Lipetsk, Russia, threw a spear at a drone filming the festival devoted to the Middle Ages, causing the quadcopter to tumble to the ground.

Pavel Semyonov, an organizer of the event, later explained on social media that at the time of the drone crash, participants were full of adrenaline because of  a nearby weapons contest. The man who caused the drone to crash apologized for the incident and compensated the drone owner for the damaged property, according to Semyonov and the company shooting the video. At the time of the crash the drone was hovering 23 feet off the ground.

The drone pilot had previously received permission from the event’s organizers to document the festival from the sky.

Next year the festival plans to have a sanctioned contest in which reenactors aim at flying targets.