Stumble to the coffeemaker on groggy mornings no more. The Barisieur, an alarm clock that brews coffee or tea as you wake up, may make its way to your bedside table via London.

Britain-based industrial designer Josh Renouf began work on the product as an undergraduate at Nottingham Trent University in 2014. For his final project, he researched sleep habits and discovered that routines before bed signal your body to relax and that a sensory awakening in the morning could make a person feel more stimulated and ready to start the day.

The routine that Renouf crafted is pretty simple: Before bed, fill a glass boiling vessel with water and add a couple of scoops of coffee or tea to the filter. If using milk or cream is your preference, there’s a small cooling compartment for that, too. Set the alarm clock to brew before the alarm goes off, as it beeps or after it stops.

As you wake up, you’ll hear the boiling water and smell the aroma of coffee before reaching for the mug handle and bringing it to your lips.

Renouf said he wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing sleep product that a person would be proud to display. He also wanted to avoid using technology that so many people are reliant on, such as phones or tablets that produce sleep-adverse blue light.

The catch? You can’t buy the Barisieur at a store or add it to your online shopping cart. Technically, only a few exist  one of which is on the designer’s bedside table. Renouf and his team launched a Kickstarter in late May, promising backers and coffee lovers that they will have the alarm clock of their dreams by June 2017 for about $385. The Barisieur won’t go into production until the team is fully funded.

The materials needed to manufacture the Barisieur determined the price, Renouf said. There are no off-the-shelf pieces to the alarm clock, so everything  from the glass and wood to the induction heating pad  needs to be constructed from scratch.

Renouf is not alone in his attempt to revolutionize the alarm clock: The market is rich with attempts to lure you out of bed in more efficient ways. The Aura slowly produces blue light in the morning, which decreases melatonin in the body and allows you to wake up gradually. The Ruggie forces you to get out of bed and step on an alarm clock carpet to turn it off. The Sleep Cycle app begins to wake you up as you’re entering a lighter sleep state, allowing for a more graceful awakening.