Life is hard, and sometimes you need a soft place to nap.

Enter Futo, an air mattress that promises to inflate quickly without a pump. Its creators hope you’ll tote it to the park, the pool, the campground — or really anywhere you might want some shut-eye or a place to lounge.

“There are lots of air mattresses and there has been no innovation in this field,” said Futo co-founder Nick Kuznetsov. “We thought maybe we can build a new and innovative air mattress and create our own inflation system.”

Futo says the system works this way: The mattress has an opening at one end with handles on either side. You drag the mattress through the air and air flows evenly into four internal compartments. Once the mattress is firm enough, you close it up by folding the fabric around the opening and sealing it with a clip.

On a windy day, creators say, the mattress might inflate on the first stroke. If you’re indoors or the air is stagnant, it might take a few movements to fill completely. It should inflated in about 20 seconds or less, Kuznetsov said.

When inflated, the queen-size mattress will support people weighing up to 650 pounds, the creators say, and will gradually begin to deflate after about eight hours. It is expected to ship starting in March 2017.

The Futo air mattress may sound implausible, but Futo has persuaded enough people to reach its modest fundraising goal of $15,000 on Kickstarter in a single day, Kuznetsov said. It was launched in partnership with Concepter, a consumer products company that successfully raised more than $400,000 for iblazr and iblazr 2, a wireless flash that affixes to your smartphone to snap better-lit photos.

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