An MIT-trained roboticist created a system that allows a Google Home smart speaker to command a device to fire a pellet gun.

Police in China used facial recognition technology to arrest a concert goer, the third time this happened in two months.

The same robot has been filmed doing back flips and hopping over objects.

Panels on the side of the driverless vehicles will communicate with pedestrians.

The Swedish-founded company is one of many are experimenting with robot recruiters.

The answer: A lot closer than you may imagine.

The billionaire has compared the adoption of artificial intelligence to “summoning the devil."

  • Perspective

It is a lot more difficult for businesses to implement AI than it seems.

A new video shows what it's like for passengers inside the company's self-driving vehicles.

The announcement arrives days after Uber revealed its self-driving trucks are already hauling freight in Arizona.

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