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Trump has regularly criticized auto companies for building cars in Mexico.

None of the automakers have directly attributed their expansion plans to Trump. What his election may have influenced is the timing of the announcement.

Crossovers, smaller sports utility vehicles built on car platforms, have become the most popular new vehicle on the road.

Just don't overreact to his tweets.

Manufacturing jobs will go to robots, not American workers.

As China positions itself as an industrialized nation, it reveals a path for other emerging economies to follow.

With its massive investments, China is only accelerating the demise of its manufacturing industry.

That the political focus seems to be on “shutting down 3D printing technology for guns” rather than "shutting down guns," is something that should give makers pause.

A developer has created an app that lets you take a picture with a wink using Google Glass, and a company has robots undertaking the labor-intensive work of mosaic creation.

Skylar Tibbits released a new video showing 4D printing this week and spoke with the Post about a common misunderstanding around the technology.

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