'We’re not as far apart as they’re telling us we are.'

"People make this walk to be so virtuous, but I don't feel virtuous,” she said. “I feel like I don't have a choice."

Solitude has been crucial to the creativity and mental health of great thinkers throughout history. You need it, too

In using their social networks to find rides from Los Angeles to New York, the recent college graduates found Americans are a lot less divided offline

The questions were a mix of playful and probing: Do you believe in love? Have you had sex this past week? Is anyone in your family currently incarcerated? Do you feel lonely?

“You can destroy this marker, but you cannot destroy history."

The annual Holman Prize goes to blind and visually impaired people around the world whose projects showcase their ambition.

A Vietnam vet and construction expert trains fellow veterans in the tools of the trade.

Armed with a pair of scissors, hairdresser Joshua Coombes offers free haircuts — and a shot of dignity -- to people living on the street.

A measure introduced by Rep. Grace Meng (D-New York) would require manufacturers to list all ingredients on product labels

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