Within several days, Torres went from being a homeless man who was a laughingstock to having more than $38,000 in donations and the roaring support of the Internet.

The guy who delivered the barbecue heard what happened and said, "Well, I'm an officiant."

I was suddenly forced to face an uncomfortable possibility: Meeting someone I want to spend my life with might not happen during my fertile years. So should I invest in freezing my eggs to help ensure I can have children when I’m ready? Or should I invest in a house?

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The Flipd app counts the minutes you spend offline. Professors and students say it's a game-changer.

The librarian told a group of high school students: “You want to look professional, you shouldn’t be bringing a backpack to a job interview." She was surprised by their reaction – and soon she realized there was a need.

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After our son died, we moved from a big city to the mountains of Arkansas. It challenged my liberal view of the world.

  • Ann Bauer
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As of early September, he had collected just under 19,000 cigarette butts — and photographed them.

  • Mary Hui
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  • Sep 13
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On the first anniversary of Sept. 11, Paul Swenson placed one flag in front of a Utah city hall for each person who died in the attacks. He watched in awe as people wept at his "healing field." Since then, he's helped organize more than 800 healing fields across the country.

  • Cathy Free
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  • Sep 11
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Serena Williams's controversial penalty at the U.S. Open final was yet another example of a woman being disciplined for expressing anger, experts say.

“I saw him fall, and initially I thought he tripped,” said Andi Traynor. “I turned him over, and I immediately realized something was very wrong.”

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