Sef Scott surprised even his own family when he stood up to address his senior class.

“I usually pay tribute to him with little things,” said Haley Hartwick, 22, whose dad died In Iraq in 2006. “Father's Day has a bit of a bittersweet, melancholy feeling.”

The driver at first thought the trooper was pulling his leg. Surely, it would be too much of a coincidence.

Adalynn “Addy” Sooter died after a long battle with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a rare tumor that starts in the brainstem.

"It meant the world to us knowing there are kind hearts out there,” the teen's mother said.

Survivors took to social media to tell their own harrowing stories. Many said they made it through because of the kindness of a friend, or even a stranger.

Kayla McKeon's first advantage is that she can explain the trials of a disabled person from her heart. Her second advantage is that nothing intimidates her.

The Chattanooga firefighter helped the kids out of the car after the crash. The older girls seemed fine, but the baby was shrieking full-throttle.

A new documentary and art exhibit shows what happened to these D.C. natives when they returned home after a decade or more in prison.

Demi Sweeney, who is petrified of spiders, told the driver: "Please, you have to help me – I only ordered food for your help."

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