When’s the last time you cried at a body wash commercial?

Was it right now?

Dove has done it again, this week launching a viral “First Fatherhood Moments” campaign in advance of Father’s Day that showcases real moments in modern fatherhood. And—spoiler alert— they’re going to make you smile, and probably cry.  Dove emotes: “Real strength means showing that you care even from the first moment.” And real tenderness is sobbing at a viral video that, at its heart, is a commercial. Dove, we’re not ashamed.

“These efforts are intended to celebrate how male strength has evolved,” Jennifer Bremner, Unileaver’s Director of Marketing, told The Washington Post in an email. “Dove Men+Care launched five years ago with the understanding that men felt falsely depicted in advertising.  Since then, we have been committed to accurately portraying men, and their journeys as fathers, in our marketing.”

Dove Men + Care, a line of body care products from the same corporation that brought you the #RealBeauty campaign, wants you to know that modern dads are strong and tender. (And of course the company wants you to know that these fathers are freshly shaven with access to a full range of specially designed products for the modern man!). The video (above) that has garnered 1.6 million views since Monday, shows a compilation of clips of 13 real men finding out that they’re going to be fathers. 

Dove’s campaign emphasizing the softer side of manliness hits at a new moment in American culture, as more men are reevaluating gender roles in family and at work. From CNN journalist Josh Levs’ popular new book on fatherhood, ‘All In,’ to actor Ashton Kutcher calling for diaper changing tables in men’s restrooms; from data that shows more men than ever staying home to care for young children and more women the primary breadwinners, to White House research revealing that 60 percent of fathers in dual-earner couples reported work/family conflict, the “have it all” debate has finally reached the fatherhood frontier.

Modern fathers are having their moment. And now, Dove would like them to have a shower.

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