What if charitable giving was as simple as posting on Facebook, and you didn’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg to have a big impact?

That’s the mission behind GoodWorld, a technology startup that allows anyone to give by simply tweeting at participating charities or responding to a charity’s Facebook post with the hashtag #donate, and a dollar amount.

Users set up an account with GoodWorld, which has a payments processor that keeps credit cards on file, and the social media contribution is processed after 12 hours. People can also choose to set a donation amount to be charged each time the hashtag is used.

Simplifying charitable giving allows people to respond instantly to causes that move them. But, with so many competing needs, choosing where to dedicate resources can be daunting.

“It can be easy to feel discouraged when you want to give but can’t (write) a huge check, but every dollar really does count,” Dale Nirvani Pfeifer, GoodWorld’s founder and CEO said.

So this year, in the spirit of “12 Days of Christmas,” GoodWorld launched its “12 Days of Giving” campaign on Monday to eliminate some of that guesswork. The startup team hopes people make (at least) a $12 donation to one of 12 charities they’ve selected, rather than buy a partridge in a pear tree.

“I truly believe that everyone is a philanthropist,” Pfeifer added. “We’ve seen some truly generous acts on social media, with people in difficult situations still giving whatever they can because it means that much to them. It’s really empowering and inspirational.”

Here are the 12 charities GoodWorld suggests, and the descriptions of how much that $12 will buy:

1. No Kid Hungry: Provides 120 meals for low-income children

2. Nothing But Nets: Buys a life-saving bed net, provides education on its proper use as well as diagnostic tools or treatment for malaria.

3. Wildlife SOS: Feeds 12 rescued sloth bears their warm morning porridge.

4. CommonLit: Helps add a text to a free online collection that will reach hundreds of thousands of students in classrooms nationwide.

5. CARE: Provides nutritious meals for 12 days for someone during an emergency.

6. WaterAid America: Purchases a tap to give a community access to clean water or a bag of cement to help build a safe, hygienic latrine.

7. Farm Sanctuary: Feeds three chickens rescued from factory farms for a month.

8. Oxfam: Provides organic manure to farmers in developing countries to help increase crop yields as a cheaper, greener and safer alternative to chemical fertilizers.

9. PETA: Rescues a neglected dog left chained up outdoors

10. Pile of Smile: Provides six activity books for children with cancer to use their creativity and imagination, especially when they can’t be physically active.

11. Beagle Freedom Project: Supports the purchase of a dog’s first collar and leash which will be used on their first steps of freedom after being rescued from research laboratories.

12. Feeding America: Helps provide 132 meals through a network of food banks for children and families facing hunger.

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