Parents Jill and Dan Meyer look on as their son Carson hugs his sister, Amelia. (Tammy Ljungblad/The Kansas City Star)

On Friday night, Jill Meyer asked her young daughter if she was excited about the next day.

Meyer’s daughter, Amelia, said that she was, and so her mother followed up, asking the 8-year-old why she felt that way.

“Because I get to pick up trash,” Amelia replied, according to Jill Meyer, who relayed the story to a Fox affiliate in Kansas City.

Amelia Meyer was the recipient of a special day from the Make-a-Wish Foundation in late February, time that she spent picking up trash. Cleanups were held around the Kansas City, Mo., community Saturday when Amelia used her wish to ask to “take care of the world” for a day.

A page about the effort on the Make-a-Wish Missouri website notes that the wish didn’t particularly come as a shock to Amelia’s parents, “given her love for the outdoors, parks and the Earth.” After she receives treatment, it says, Amelia and her grandmother go on walks together in the park, where they pick up litter.

“We hope that others throughout the state of Missouri and beyond will be inspired by Amelia’s wish and join in cleanup efforts in their own communities!” the site read.

Make-A-Wish Missouri teamed up with 8-year-old Amelia Meyer, who had a tumor in her brain removed last November and recently completed radiation treatments, to clean up parks across the state. Sporting Kansas City and park rangers participated in the event held in Swope Park on Feb. 27. (Sporting Kansas City / YouTube)

The Kansas City Star reported that hundreds of people gathered to volunteer for Saturday’s effort. Among those who were on hand: Kansas City Mayor Sly James, whom the Star reported “thanked Amelia for her ‘selfless dream’ and ‘for being such a really neat kid.’ ”

“I know some kids might want to go to Disney World and stuff, or meet famous people, but I really feel like Amelia picked the right wish,” one of her friends, Samantha Asquith, told WDAF.

The cleanups happened in parks and other areas of the local community, as well as in other Missouri cities, reported the newspaper, which noted:

Amelia, shy but cheerful, was too busy picking up debris and visiting with participants to pause for an interview. But her mother, Jill, said it had been a great day.

Amelia’s father, Dan, and 11-year-old brother, Carson, were also present as a large crowd watched James present Amelia a proclamation at the Swope Park Band Pavilion.

“We’re so touched by what you all have done for our little girl,” Jill Meyer told the crowd, according to the Star. “It brings her such a smile.”

Along with other volunteers, Amelia Meyers, 8, right, of Kansas City, helped pick up trash as part of the Make-A-Wish Missouri and Helzberg Diamonds trash cleanup project Saturday. (Tammy Ljungblad/The Kansas City Star)

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