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Watch how this little boy with autism becomes overwhelmed with emotion at Coldplay concert

Huillo Vasquez's emotional reaction to his favorite band, Coldplay, has gone viral. (Video: YouTube/Luis Vazquez)

A home video of a young boy’s emotional reaction to watching his favorite band, Coldplay, perform has melted the hearts of millions.

At first Huillo Vazquez looks overwhelmed, fighting back tears. Then he begins to move to the music, jumping up and down in rhythm with his father beside him.

As British rocker Chris Martin sings the lyrics “tears stream down your face,” Huillo’s father too begins to cry, mouthing the words to his son and kissing the boy’s face. It’s a sweet encounter, made all the more poignant by the fact that Huillo, 6, has autism.

Children with autism frequently have trouble with communication and can suffer from sensory overload, finding it difficult to interact with the world around them.

After the April 16 concert at Mexico’s Foro Sol stadium, the boy’s father Luis Vazquez took to social media and YouTube to share the video.

The video has so far been viewed almost 3million times on YouTube, and has been shared widely on Facebook and Twitter.

Vazquez expressed his thanks on his Facebook page:saying “Because there’s never a reason not to be grateful, today I want to thank you all for your beautiful and special comments! Really they make us feel as if you had been with us in those bleachers enjoying the best band in the world and Huillo’s favorite!”

Vazquez said he also hoped that Coldplay themselves would see the footage. As the video gained popularity, many people commented on the band’s social media sites, pleading with them to notice it.

The campaign worked. Coldplay shared the video with their almost 17 million Twitter followers, along with the caption: “This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile.”

Vazquez’s response? “Starting to believe in Magic!”

Many of those posting positive messages on the video also have personal experience with autism and have used the Twitter hashtag #TodosSomosHuillo, meaning “We Are Huillo,” to show their support.

Lori McIlwain, co-founder of the National Autism Association, says the video will help spread awareness and understanding of the condition beyond the autism community.

“The video moved us to tears. Individuals with autism have hopes and dreams just like everyone else. Though many may struggle with communication, social, and sensory challenges, these individuals push through their challenges daily with more strength and courage than most of us will ever realize. Were thrilled for this beautiful boy that he was able to see his favorite band for the first time.”