A student teacher has become something of a star after just one week in the classroom.

Dwayne Reed began a student-teaching placement at Jane Stenson School in the Chicago suburb of Skokie last Monday, Aug.22. Instead of sending out a traditional “welcome back” letter, Reed roped in some friends to help him make a music video to welcome his new fourth-grade students. The video features Reed singing the lyrics in a variety of school settings.

“Welcome to the 4th-grade, so happy to meet you. Can’t wait ‘till I see you, gonna have a good time. We’ll learn about science, find ways to apply it and I bet you’ll like it, gonna have a good time.”

The 25-year-old uses the rap portion of the song to introduce himself to his new students.

“I’m from Chicago, I love eatin’ pizza and I dress to impress but I still rock sneakers.”

The video has been viewed more than 700,000 times so far and earned Reed an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” But Reed says the video’s viral success and the attention he has received is just an unexpected bonus.

“It wasn’t to go viral, it wasn’t to be some crazy sensation,” he said. “It was mostly to connect with my students and allow for them to get to know me and to build a bond with me before we even met.”

Reed will be looking for a permanent teaching position once he finishes his placement in December. The Eastern Illinois University student said he plans to always incorporate music in his classrooms.

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