World Kindness Day is Nov. 13. You didn’t know? Well, it’s a day when someone might unexpectedly buy you a cup of coffee or hold a door for you. Or perhaps you’ll do that for someone else. Maybe it’s a day you’ll buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.

The idea is to be generous in thoughts and actions with the goal of collectively becoming more human. The concept of World Kindness Day came out of Japan’s Small Kindness Movement, which was founded in 1963 after the president of Tokyo University was mugged in a public place and nobody helped him. He started a movement calling for bravery in small acts of kindness that he hoped would spread through Japan. Fast-forward to 1998, when World Kindness Day was formed by the World Kindness Movement, an apolitical, nonreligious international organization.

In a world that sometimes seems increasingly unkind, we think we could all benefit from some kindness recognition. We’d like to hear your story of a time a stranger (or near-stranger) performed an act of kindness for you so profound that it has stayed with you. We’ll pick six to publish on World Kindness Day. Please keep your submission to a maximum of 250 words.

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