The biological clock can now be beaten. Women’s ability to shape their lives includes the option of postponing motherhood until the time feels best. But what does egg-freezing involve, and is it right for everyone? Does it even work for everyone?

In the first three episodes of a searingly personal documentary series starting Tuesday, 29-year-old Inspired Life filmmaker Nicole Ellis begins the process of deciding whether to freeze her eggs and brings the answers to you. “Should I freeze my eggs?” is a story about female empowerment, the meaning of family and what it takes for a woman to try to wrest control of her own fertility.

In her accompanying stories on Inspired Life, Nicole will also share with you what drove her to start down this path and what keeps her going. Make sure you tell us what you think in the comments section after you watch each episode, and check out the link at the end of each piece to join the Facebook group we’ve organized around the series.

See you Tuesday!

Sydney Trent is the supervising editor of Inspired Life.